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Finally got my hands on an iPad Case, a must have accessory for the iPad. There are many different products out there with different styles but I like this one the best.

A friend of mine helped me pick this one up from Seattle. When I went to Oklahoma, the Apple Store there didn’t have it in stock. So I was using the transparent plastic wrapping on the iPad for a while until I got this one.

As always, the Apple packing is minimalistic but beautiful.

Back of packing suggests the alternative ways you can use the iPad with when you have this iPad Case.

Here it is out of the box. It has the transparent plastic protecting it.

The back of it has a clip thingie that is used to secure the front cover when you bend it back.

The installation instruction is actually on the inside of the transparent plastic wrapping.

Here it is outside of the plastic wrapping.

Here is the iPad slipped inside of the iPad Case. It is a snug fit which is good because it does not bulk it up. The surface feels a bit rubbery and gives it a good grip. I like the feel of it as it does not feel like the iPad is going to fly out of my hand. Also, I have confidence that it won’t get scratched.

So here is the opening for the iPad/iPhone cable. I doubt, with the case installed, the iPad will fit into the iPad dock. It is like you can have one and not the other.

So here it is standing up, perfect for using the iPad to display your favorite photos.

And this is how it works on the back, the clip simply holds the front cover in position.

And here is the iPad ready for typing. I personally find that it doesn’t take much time to get used to typing on the iPad. Of course without the tactile feedback, the position of my fingers are not going to be as accurate. But overall, I am very pleased with my experience of using the iPad. I think I can retire my MSI Wind notebook :)

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  1. Howie
    Howie says:

    Really don’t like the construction of this case. Only advantage is it keeps the device slim. I returned this and opted for Incase’s Convertible Jacket which is more bulky but feels better and more versatile.

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Thanks for the recommendation, that looks like a pretty sweet product. I might give it a try when it arrives in Canada :)


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