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Tokyo Trip / 2013.03 / Meiji Jingu

We continued to have our leisure walk into Meiji Jingu Shrine close to Harajuku Station. The shrine covers a large area and is quite phenomenal to experience the scale of construction and the large amount of green space right in a metropolis. It was during Golden Week when we visited and there were a lot […]

Tokyo Trip / 2013.01 / Narita Airport and Ikebukuro

Recently came back from a trip to Tokyo and I would like to share the photos taken during the trip with you. Photo equipment I took with me includes my iPhone 5 and my lightweight camera – Sony NEX-5N.You can also browse the set of photos taken using the iPhone 5 on Flickr.

Cherry Blossom / March 2013 / 10

Hope you are not tired of the cherry blossom photos from the Easter long weekend as I have some more to share :) These were taken close to Garry Point Park. There are tonnes of cherry blossom trees out there and it is very nice to see them bloom almost at the same time.

Cherry Blossom / March 2013 / 9

Cherry blossoms in the late afternoon sun. I really enjoyed taking photos of these trees. I wish we have more of them in Vancouver. I think I am greedy, there are already a lot of cherry blossom trees here in Vancouver. However, Japan still has more and older, bigger cherry blossom trees. I wish I […]

Prickly Pear / Steveston

As the weather becomes nicer, it is also time to get more plants around our place. I mentioned about Prickly Pear in Steveston before and here I am again looking around for some new plants. There are so many varieties and they are all very colourful.