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Visiting Tokyo (Part 2)

I like Japanese Architecture, and I like their garden design.  Visiting parks while in Tokyo is fun for me as I get to take lots of pictures.  This time, I went to Ueno Park.  It is a good size park with many paths and walkways.  It has lots of trees and shades.  If you have […]

Cooliris 1.11

Recently discovered a very cool browser plug-in for visualizing photos and videos arranged in an infinite wall of photos and videos that you can scroll left or right and when you slow down, the item in the middle of your view will be expanded to fit bigger in relation to the rest of the photos […]

Visiting Tokyo (Part 1)

Ah,Tokyo is a place I love to visit.  Recently I had the opportunity to visit Tokyo for the 3rd time and it was a blast.  Every time I go to Tokyo, I discover new things about Tokyo.  It is a vibrant city that changes very fast and it is fascinating to be surrounded by the […]