Meow Meow – in loving memory

It has been exactly a year since our previous killer guard cat, Meow Meow, passed away. Despite of how much we tried to help him, because we thought of him as a family member, it did not turn out the way we had hoped for. Here is a little post of our family pet who spent his entire life with us.

We have had Meow Meow since he was a kitten, well, more like a baby. When my brother saved him, his eyes weren’t even open. My sister nursed him and raised him from a tiny little thing that fit inside our hand, and he grew up to be a 16 pound cat that terrorized any visitors to our house. Hence the name “the guard cat”.

When he was small, he had the whitest paws and toes. He has big eyes that can tell you what he is thinking. Like this photo, he was thinking “I don’t like being so close to you.”

And he always has something that cracks us up, like the way he sleeps, the way he tucks his tail between his legs, etc.

Meow Meow was growing up with our family when most of us were still either schooling or still single. Whenever someone is home, he would go around and ask for food. He would paw at you and give you a cute big eye look. Sometimes we didn’t know if someone else had fed him or not. So his food dish is always refilled when it was empty, or closed to be empty. That is why he has a round body.

He didn’t use to talk much, or make much noise I should say. He would make a short cat “eh” and that’s about all you could hear from him. And because he is quiet, we didn’t know that he didn’t like visitors until he expressed it with action, and most of the time drew blood from our friends. So he is our terrorist cat as well.

When there were no visitors, he knows he can claim to be the king of the house because he knows he owns us. And we are his pets. That is very true when you think about it. He understands his position and he tells us that with his eyes.

Occasionally, he would give us a break and become friendly. He knows humans need a break from time to time.

So we continued to live peacefully together. Whenever we have visitors, we have to lure him into a room and close the door behind. It wasn’t long before he figured out that whenever the door bell rang, it was his time to be locked up and he did not like it a bit. So more hatred towards the unknown visitors.

But regardless of what he did, he was still our beloved house cat. Because we raised him and we had lots of good memories with him, it was so difficult to have received a call from the vet telling us that Meow Meow will not be coming home. It was one year ago today that Meow Meow left us and we were so heart broken.

In loving memory, Meow Meow you will live in our hearts forever.

Update: Added some photos taken with my super soft focus iPhone camera below. Also more pictures of Meow Meow at my wife’s blog.

This is probably my favorite one in the bunch.

Meow Meow is proud and he demands the best!

You know you have not given Meow Meow your best.

Meow Meow likes his spot on our bed. Sometimes it cuts out my legs’ circulation if he stays there for too long ^^;

Somehow Meow Meow looks kind in this picture. He is definitely a cat of many faces.

I definitely miss having a blob of meat sitting on top of me, especially when he volunteers to do that. It was so amazing to have a cat who is so vicious to strangers and yet so endearing to the family.

This is when he started to fall asleep on me. He is seriously cute when he feels satisfied.

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