Tucano Second Skin Charge_Up

Been using the MacBook Air for a while at home and haven’t taken it out because I wanted to get some protection gear for it before taking it out.  Went to the Apple retail store but didn’t find anything too appealing. Then found this product at London Drugs and am glad I picked it up.

The Tucano Second Skin Charge_Up (a mouth full) is designed for MacBook Pro but the Air fits in there without too much play. It is not as tight as a case made for the Air specifically but it is snug enough that the Air doesn’t slide around inside.

The product is made of neoprene material. The neoprene surface does pick up dust and is quite noticeable since the product is dark grey in colour.

The zip opens to about half of the depth of the case. And inside is a stretchable sleeve that holds the Air in place so that you won’t accidentally see your Air flying out of the case if the zip was not closed.  The zip is double padded to reduce any hard surface being in contact with the edge of the Air.  So far quite effective at protecting my Air.

Here is how the Air fits inside.

This is where the “Charge_Up” part of the name comes from. The little tab hides an opening to the charging port of the Air (and of course MacBook Pro).

And the charging cable can be attached directly to the Air without having to take it out of the case.

This little case works pretty nicely for my needs. Now I can take the MacBook Air out with me without having to worry that it will be scratched inside a laptop bag.

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