Crane wishes you Long Life, Prosperity and Good Health in 2010

Was out at night having a leisure walk with my camera.  Walking along this little waterway in the dark, suddenly I saw a crane only a few feet away from me.  It was so dark that I couldn’t see it when I was further away.  The crane was shocked that I was looking at it and it flew away.  In the darkness, I could only guess that it flew in a certain direction.  With a camera handy, I pointed it to the general direction and started shooting.

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The 4-Hour Workweek: Expanded and Updated

I have been a fan of Tim Ferriss’s book, The 4-Hour Workweek (the original hard cover copy above).  Not because I am lazy or because I want to spend 30+ hours doing nothing.  I feel the new way of thinking of how life could be when we don’t delay what we are passionate about until retirement is the most valuable lesson.

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Kitty Litter Tips and Tricks

We have two cats and they are a playful pair of little fellows.  We adopted them from RAPS when they were 9 months old and since then, they have grown 50% in size.  When we had meow meow, we only had one small kitty litter box for him and he did not complain or make a mess.  However, with two cats now, we decided it is a good idea to give them something bigger before they give us a mess.

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Nyko PS3 Charge Base 2

I have had the PS3 for a while now.  It is a great entertainment machine for gaming and also for movie watching.  With BD remaining as the HD media standard (feel sorry for the HD-DVD standard), PS3 is a great value for what it can do.

Despite the nice exterior design and slick user interface, one of the few annoyances I have with the PS3 is recharging the controller.  Even though the PS3 is plugged in 24/7, you have to have the machine turned on and running before you can recharge the wireless controllers.  Of course you can recharge it during game play as well, but that is somewhat inconvenient as we have cats and they love biting wires.

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