The 4-Hour Workweek: Expanded and Updated

I have been a fan of Tim Ferriss’s book, The 4-Hour Workweek (the original hard cover copy above).  Not because I am lazy or because I want to spend 30+ hours doing nothing.  I feel the new way of thinking of how life could be when we don’t delay what we are passionate about until retirement is the most valuable lesson.

I picked up the book a couple of years ago and I love the concepts of how to have remote assistance and outsource low value work to cheaper labour that might be on the other side of the world.  I admit I have not tried any of the suggestions and that I have not organized my life good enough to outsource any part of it.  But the possibility of doing so fires me up.

There are lots of book review sites out there and I am no good at reviewing books anyway so I am not going to attempt to.  However, I do enjoy the writing style of Tim and challenges he throws at readers.  It keeps the reading a lot more engaging and I had fun reading it.  There are a lot of howtos and tips sprinkles all over his book so you do have to read it from cover to cover and pay attention.  That being said, the copy I have is a couple years old so some references might be changed.

Tim just released an expanded and updated copy of his book a week or so ago.  It now widely available everywhere.  I like doing online shopping and is where I usually go for printed or audio books.  Here is Tim’s latest book on

I am thinking about getting the latest copy just to check out what is added and updated. Tim was recently on Le Web 2009, if you missed it here it his presentation:

Speaking about reading, I have been thinking about ebooks a lot.  Thanks to Kindle being available in Canada recently, (and thanks to HY promoting it amongst friends).  I have yet to check it out one day (it is not in the stores in Canada, you have to purchase it through instead).  I did check the Sony version of the ebook reader but the page redraw speed and text clarity seems to be just average in my opinion.  So when is the color version of e-ink going to be ready?

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