Art Space Tokyo

Came across Craig Mod‘s site while looking for more Lumix GF1 info.  Craig posted his field test of GF1, what a delight to read his travel field test page.

Other than the juicy information he wrote, I also enjoyed the design and use of typography of his site.  And surprise, he coauthored a book and took part in producing a number of books as well.

One book that caught my interest is Art Space Tokyo. It is a travel guide to art museums in Tokyo. I looked around and found a copy at for US$35. Not a bad price for an out-of-print brand new copy (only 1,500 copies printed originally). Will let you know how I like the book once I received it.

And incidentally, it is sold by through  Got to love the internet for empowering spending! I have been looking at the products at as well. I like the concepts and their products. Just want to see what other’s feedbacks are on the net before making a move. If you have used products from, please let me know how you like them.

Back to the original topic, the Lumix GF1. I have been trying hard not to look at other cameras since I have a good collection of Canon camera equipment. But I also can’t get my camera gear out with me when I go to work because they are not compact enough.

Here is what my camera bag looks like, I got a laptop to take with me as well and I definitely won’t get too far with so much equipment on me. So choices are:

  1. Don’t take so much equipment – well the least I have to take is a body and a lens.  That should be manageable as long as I can protect them while throwing them into my laptop bag.  I am also looking at that option and crumpler has some pretty neat products that might be able to help.
  2. Don’t take the laptop – well, that is a bit hard as sometimes I do need to work at home or at night. An alternative is to have a true way to access files and projects remotely using a different computer at home. It is not impossible to do, just take a bit of getting used to for not using the work computer for work, instead use my personal computer for work.  Also, my personal Windows computer is not very powerful.  So there are pros and cons for doing so.
  3. Use the old point-and-shoot camera – yes, that is another option. The old trusty Canon SD450 is still working and I can’t kill it. It is such a workhorse that it is still taking good photos when there is enough light. The low light quality is very poor, though, the noise level is severe and there is no image stabilization. So night time photos are just out of the question. This option is free but may not be very practical.
  4. Get myself a new camera! Well, see I use the exclamation mark there instead of a dash because I am excited about this option. But frankly, it is an option that needs some good funding. The GF1 costs a lot of money. It costs almost as much as a 13″ Macbook Pro. A computer or a camera? Well…

I guess I can try option 1 and 2 above first.  That will buy me some time to save money, right? And for the time being, I can only think about the possibilities of using a GF1 :)

What digital camera equipment have you purchased recently? Anything exciting to brag about?

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    • Kam
      Kam says:

      oh yes, I read good things about the Ricoh cameras. Saw the previous generation of your camera in Tokyo when I was there last year but didn’t get a chance to try them out in real life. Too bad they don’t sell them in US or Canada. I do envy the choices and selections of gadgets other Asian and European countries have -_-;

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Nice, I used to use Sony cameras as well. Apart from borrowing my dad’s DSC-S75, I also bought a Sony DSC-V1 for me and my wife to use. We don’t use it anymore because the shutter button doesn’t work 50% of the time but we still keep it for good memories :)

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Hey Joseph, thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment. Yes, it is impressive what White Rabbit Press produces.


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