Marshall Minor In-Ear Headphones

Christmas came early :)

Yup, here they are, the Marshall Minor In-Ear Headphones.  Ordered last week when they became available again at the Marshall Headphones web site: They are shipped directly from Stockholm, Sweden.  Took only 5 business days to arrive internationally.  I am pretty impressed.

They are very reasonably priced compared to all the other branded earphones out there.  For USD$59 + USD$15 shipping delivered to your door, it is a pretty sweet Christmas gift.

The packaging is pretty simple. Plain cardboard with black printing. Here it tells you all the good stuff that this little pair of headphones can do.

The packaging bottom has a picture of the product.  The string extends from one corner of the cube makes it a perfect Christmas tree ornament. :)

There unboxed…  It is quite amazing that when you flip open the box, the headphones are presented to you by tilting the inside of the box out at you.  Great packaging design!

The essentials are neatly arranged inside the box.

The 3.5mm plug reminds me of Hi-Fi instruments.

I usually do not prefer accessories with gold color.  However, it seem very appropriately applied to this product.

Lots of small details with the entire product.

They even come with an adapter for the audio jacks that do not have a microphone input in the same jack.

And extra ear pads in different sizes to ensure the headphones will fit comfortably inside your ears.

And last but not least, the printed product documentation.

Been using them for the afternoon.  I am not an audiophile and I don’t have very sensitive ears so I am not a good source of reference for review.  However, I do noticed the “In-Ear” aspect is not as good as the other products that have silicon ear-piece that you jam into your ears.  So I don’t expect the noise isolation to be as good as the other products.  They, however, have pretty good base reproduction, very clear, crisp sound for the vocals and I am pretty satisfied for the sound quality at this price. Though I am sure they would sound a lot better if they had better noise isolation.  Maybe generation 2?

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    • Kam
      Kam says:

      I think the sound reproduction could be a bit better. But for the price, it is reasonable. I just wish they did a slightly better job with noise isolation. Maybe the Major over-the-head version would be better at that.

  1. ken
    ken says:

    Don’t like those in-ear earphones where you jam it into your ear. Not very good when mobile. You tend to hear the wire as it bounces when walking. You noticed any of that? I usually just go with simple apple ear phones when I’m just listening casually (because I can simple chuck them into my bag) or an over the ear headphone when I really want to listen. ^^

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      I actually like the in-ear version with sound isolation silicons. I take public transportation a lot and I really like being able to have my peace by shielding noise without having to crank up my music. A lot of people crank up their music on the transit and I can totally hear what they are listening to. I agree that the over-the-head headphones are much nicer for listening to music and I am still trying to find a pair that are not overly expensive… Any recommendations?

  2. jg
    jg says:

    Does anyone know if these headphones will fit in the iPhone 2G’s recessed headphone jack without the adaptor?

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Hi jg, sorry I no longer have the iPhone 2G and cannot verify it for you. But the plug handle measures roughly 0.236″ in diameter. Hope this helps….

  3. jg
    jg says:

    Great thanks, that’s about the size of the official iPhone headphone’s handle ^_^

  4. Sven
    Sven says:

    Does the Remote work on iPhone/iPod, including skip, back and voice over( voice over would be nice for my shuffle (: )

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Hi Sven, the remote works on the iPhone for sure. I do not own any iPods so I cannot test that. It has skip, voice command, and call answer functions. Hope this helps :)

  5. JuleZ
    JuleZ says:

    Are really ALL functions (skip, back, play / pause, volume +/-, voice command, call answer) of the iphone remote supported ?

    I can’t imagine how i should change the volume with just 1 button…

    THX – would be good to know, cause i really want to buy them !:-)

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Hi Julez, as this picture shows, the Marshall Minor supports Play, Pause, Pickup call, Hangup calls with 1 click, forward to the next track with 2 clicks, and replay the previous track with 3 clicks. Press and Hold supports Voice Command on the iPhone. Unfortunately there is no volume changing function built-in to the headset. Hope this helps :)

      • JuleZ
        JuleZ says:

        thx a lot :-)

        i’ve seen the picture, but wasn’t sure if volume control is a basic function by now and not even mentioned here…

        have you missed that function so far or would you still recommend to buy them?

        • Kam
          Kam says:

          Hi JuleZ, I don’t miss it, I just reach for the volume controls on the iPhone…. I would say if you are looking for a set of new in-ear headset, I would go for something a little softer. These in-ears are not all that comfortable and I don’t find myself using them very often anymore.

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