From the monthly archives: "September 2009"

The weekend weather was just too nice for us to stay home.  What’s a better place than going to a park where we could enjoy the Autumn weather?

Minoru Park in Autumn by you.

Surprisingly the leaves are still very full on trees.  And the colours are very spectacular. Read Full Article →

Was going to work on the weekend and on the way to find parking, I saw these autumn leaves being blown off the maple trees.  Couldn’t help to stop the car and take some photos.

Downtown Vancouver in Autum by you.

If you look closely, you will see leaves in mid air and the leaves on the branches are a bit blurry.  It was a windy day. Read Full Article →

Time really flies when you can’t stop to smell flowers.  We are in fall and there are only a few months left before the end of the year.

Downtown Vancouver in Fall by you.

Vancouver’s fall weather is fantastic.  I often cherish the fall weather more than the summer months as fall is usually very short.  The weather will start to become chillier and rain will be more frequent. Read Full Article →

Fall is definitely in the air.  Even though officially summer ends on September 20th this year, it felt like Autumn has been around for a couple of weeks before then.

Vancouver Public Library by you.

Leaves has already been falling and this makes the otherwise monotonic concrete pavement more so colourful. Read Full Article →

Went out to have lunch with the team at work today at the Coast Seafood Restaurant at Alberni Street in Vancouver.  It was a surprisingly nice day with mild weather and lots of sun.  What is even better was the food served at lunch.

Coast Seafood Restaurant by you.

I had this burger that does not look like much on the outside.  However, the carb portion is minimal and the beef plater is topped with crab meat and some very yummy sauce that had me enjoying it from the beginning to the end. Read Full Article →

More photos of Shangri-La, the tallest tower in Vancouver today.  You maybe aware that Shangri-La is a Hong Kong based hotel group and Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver is their first branch hotel in North America.

Shangri-La by you.

At the ground level of Shangri-La, you will find the famous Burberry Store and the specialty grocer, Urban Fare.  There is also Market by Jean-Georges, an upscale restaurant by Michelin-starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, on the first floor. Read Full Article →

It is not everyday that I can be on the top of Vancouver.  This is the view from Shangri-La, the tallest building in Vancouver downtown.  Today is my lucky day.

Top of Vancouver by you.

This view is unbeatable.  Looking west to English Bay.  Imagine the view when they have fireworks shooting up to mid sky? Read Full Article →

Some of the most amazing clouds are only seen…

Clouds by you.

…when you look up. Ok, you don’t have to fly to look at clouds but it is definitely one way. Read Full Article →