After we finished visiting the Kamo Iris Garden, we headed back to our friends’ place for a brief visit. I found the scenery of country side Japan quite relaxing and carefree.

This was taken just before we left the parking lot of Kamo Iris Garden.  Sun was already starting to set.

At this point in time of our trip, we saw only very few trees turned red.

Country side roads look so different than those in the city.

Kakegawa produces high quality green tea. It is truly delicious as we tasted it on the upcoming day.

Much fewer cars on the roads than in Tokyo!

I love this view. It was taken on the side of a highway while the car was moving.

Street signs and messages that I do not understand.

And finally the sun is really setting.

Could this be a wallpaper?  Would you use it?

Or would you rather see this one be made available as my wallpaper collection?

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2 Responses to Kakegawa Sunset

  1. samejima says:

    Haven’t been to Japan but that’s what I like, the japanese scenery.