Gundam Collection

I love gundam models.  I am especially a little bit obsessed about Master Grade models.  I don’t have all of them, but I have a lot of them.

Gundam Collection by you.

To me they are the right size to model and have relatively good amount of detail and articulation.  I started watching Gundam when I was growing up.  Back in the early 80’s, when the original Mobile Suit Gundam was aired, I watched every single episode.  I used to get Gundam magazines, books, models and toys whenever I can save the money.  It was an addiction, and till today, it has a lot of influence on me.

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The Waterfall Building, Vancouver

For a moment, I thought I was not in Vancouver.

The Waterfall Building by you.

The Waterfall Building does not look like a typical building you are likely to find in Vancouver.  Maybe because of the glass windows, or the concrete walls and concrete tiles on the ground.  This certainly does not remind me of Vancouver.  And how refreshing to see this building. Read more

Photo Walk 21 – Autumn Leaves in Vancouver

Vancouver is now fully into Autumn.  We have a lot of trees turning red and it is a beautiful scenery in most streets.

Autumn Leaves by you.

Temperature has dropped to Winter level over the weekend and it was mainly clear.  With only 8 degrees during day time, we had to turn up the heat at home finally.  It was around 22 degrees the week before and I guess Winter is arriving fast.

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Daily Commute – Canada Line

Evening Commute by you.

Some of us have regular day jobs, and like many of you, I commute to and from work using public transit.  I used to drive every day but found that is not a very good use of my time.  Driving needs constant concentration on the road, that means I cannot listen to podcast, I cannot check email, I cannot follow tweets, I cannot read books.  So I abandoned driving to and from work since 2003.  Although commuting takes time too, during rush hours, driving is not that much faster as long as your routine is the same.

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Autumn Flowers – Vancouver

Got some autumn flower photos to share with you.  These are flowers I found in the past few weeks during our walk around in different parts of Vancouver.  Instead of writing about flowers, I am including the camera settings here for your reference.  These photos were taken using the Canon EF 70-200mm F4L and the Canon EF-S 60mm Macro lenses.

Autumn Flowers by you.

EF-S 60mm | F3.2 | 1/80

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Photo Walk 19 – Sun Yat-Sen Park and Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver

I have been to a Japanese Garden when I was visiting Tokyo.  This time, I visited a Chinese Garden in Vancouver.  The Sun Yat-Sen Park and Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden are two parts of the same facility in the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver in China Town.  The Park is free for admission.  The Classical Chinese Garden costs $10 per admission.

Let me take you for a tour.

Sun Yat-Sen Park by you.

This is the main entrance of the Chinese Cultural Centre.  What a contrast between the Chinese entrance and the Western hotel behind it!  Try 3D visualization using Google Street View of the front entrance. Read more